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In this concert, Valérie presents an accessible repertoire that highlights the possibilities of the solo harp.

Valérie showcases her ninth album, in which she adapted her favourite classical music pieces for the harp. Paganini, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Elgar, Mahler, Tarrega, Bach and Henry resonate through Apollonia; a rare and precious Salvi harp.

“Solo is the culmination of a process of introspection during which I delved more deeply into my connection to my instrument. Through transcriptions, I redefined my relationship with the harp’s technical possibilities and focused on translating its musical gestures, beyond the notes. This exercise further developed my interpretive approach to the works, which was very constructive.” 

Sir Edward Elgar Enigma - Variations on an original theme Op.36 - IX: Nimrod


OLIVIER MAGNAN video production | ANTHONY HAMELIN lighting | ÉLISE RIVARD artistic direction | CARL TALBOT, PRODUCTIONS MUSICOM sound production, recording, mixing and mastering | VERONICA GALICIA et PHILIPPE BOUVRETTE editing and publishing | ANEMONE 13 PRODUCTIONS INC. production

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